Kube theme for Hugo

Kube is a professional and a responsive Hugo theme for developers and designers that offers a documentation section mixed with a landing page and a blog

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Zip-archive, includes all the source and site example files

Kube from imperavi is an awesome CSS & JS Framework and i designed this template for hugo with the same original philosophy !

Horizontal Rhythm

In Kube horizontal rhythm based on a 4px vertical grid is something that we are truly proud of.



We obsess over typography, and it shows throughout Kube.



We strongly believe in minimalism as a general concept as well as a practical approach to everyday life.

Mobile-first Design

Every element in kube is mobile-first and fully embraces latest and greatest tech.


Kube works in all modern browsers, both desktop and mobile, including latest Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE and Edge.


Kube licensed under MIT.
Kube Framework is absolutely free for personal or commercial use.